Iowa Fly Fisher

 Yes, fly fishing in Iowa 

Favorite Fly Patterns for Iowa


The X-Factor - My favorite all-purpose surface bug

Half and Half - Great streamer pattern for bass and pike

Pheasant Leech - This simple pattern consistently takes large trout in Iowa

Panfish Microjig - a great producer of panfish, especially in the early and late season, in cool water, or in windy conditions with a choppy surface

Of course I use a lot of classic patterns that are common everywhere.  Old favorites like the Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear and Elk hair caddis are always in my box when I fish for trout.  And I love classic deer hair poppers and the Clouser deep Minnow for bass.

Here, however, I've chosen to feature a few of my favorites that are a little "off the wall" or are particularly beloved for their unusual effectiveness in Iowa waters.  For the classics you can find instructions anywhere.