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Hiked down from the dead end off 110th st. west through a tangled ravine to the vertical sandstone bluffs along the shore of Lake Red Rock there. Disappointed, but not surprised to find several boats along the hidden beach with people swimming and diving in or noisily pulling zip sleds further out. A massive flock of gulls followed those pulling zip sleds, constantly diving into the wake for shad. So rather than spread the rods at varying distances along the beach, I set them all along the rocky bluffs only 15-25 ft. off shore and to my surprise soon had 4 nice drum, the biggest right at 20". The hike out was brutal. Back home made a curry paste from roughly equal parts fresh turmeric root - grated, fresh galangal root - grated, peeled garlic, then a double part green chili pepper which I grow until they turn red. Then a half part dried New Mexico chilis for color. All this ground to a paste in a coffee mill. First pan - bit of oil, pinch of whole fennel seeds, big blob of curry paste. heat until sizzling and aromatic. Second pan same thing, but also added chunks of lamb meat to sear the fat a little. First pan half a chopped onion, pinch of salt Second pan the same. First pan, cubed drum fillet and chopped fresh tomatos with as much water squeezed out as possible by hand. Second pan - can of coconut milk. Simmer, Both pans get another big blob of curry paste. Simmer a bit more and serve over rice - I tried garnishing the fish curry with fresh "rice paddy herb" which was pretty good, and the lamb curry with fresh perilla which was also pretty good, but by far the best garnish for both was fresh lemon basil.
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