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From this morning.  Would've been my personal best so far for the season.  A lot of should've, could've, would've.  A lot of lessons learned.  Sorry for long video, but it's been awhile since I've done any editing." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

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Huge Fish! Do you know what it was? Grass carp?  Looks like you handled the loss well.  The longer any fight goes on the more the tippet gets frayed, a little hole opens up in the fish's mouth, etc., etc., - I don't think I would have done it any differently.

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Heck yeah!  Sweet fish!  What WAS it??  It was really bulldogging and staying down.

I can relate ...I lost a really nice grass carp earlier this season...Could see it was hooked in the mouth.  I didn't have a net, but was so sure I was going to land it, I walked the fish to the complete opposite end of the pond, where I hoped to land it in some shallow water.  Instead, in trying to get that fish closer to shore, I pulled the hook out of its mouth. :/

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A few days prior, we started exploring an oxbow, just to the north of where the Papio flows into the Missouri.  The composting plant that was damaged by the recent tornado is just to the west of the oxbow.  There are big tails waving at you.

A few days prior I landed a 10lber in the same area.  The water is muddy.  The best technique that work was to take a few steps, stand still, and wait for the fish to come to you.  The 10lber appeared out of nowhere.  I flipped a brown/yellow locomoco fly.  It sank slowly in front of the carp.  A little twitch, and the carp inhaled the fly.  Here's a video my fishing buddy took.

The fish I hooked that got unhooked was a common carp.  In the oxbow, the other key to locating carp is to look for mud boils.  When the carp would hoover the bottom, the water would turn black from the mud.  The carp usually run & gun.  They'd tail in one area, then move on.  I was watching one common with a huge tail out of the water.  When it stayed in one location longer is when I made a few casts.  It took a few casts to get the fly in the location I wanted, which was the edges of the dark mud.  Once I thought the fly was on the bottom, I started doing 1/2" strips.  Saw the tail disappear, then my line came tight; fight was on!  My mistake when watching the video, was not playing it a little longer.  Add that with putting too much upward pressure.  I put the upward pressure, because there are plants, stems, that are submerged.  My fishing buddy lost 2 carp when they buried into the plants; snapped his tippet.  

@FishnDave I knew it was a common, because a few times, it swam back towards me.  At first I thought I foul hooked it.  But when it got close, I could see my tippet ending at the mouth.  If I could've only landed it...  It would've been nice if my fishing buddy with me to help net.

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