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Rivers in the north and south ends of the rift zone are still too high. Including the; Thompson Fork of the Grand, Cedar, Winnebago, Iowa, and Shellrock.

West fork of the Des Moines (Humboldt dam up to Rutland dam) the reading looks good, the nearby east fork of the Des Moines at Dakota city is slightly high and likely too muddy for carp sightfishing, but the dam at Frank Gotch park may have some predatory fish around. Downstream through Deception Hollow and Boone the river is still a bit high and likely too muddy for carp sightfishing and will probably see quite a few float tubers this weekend. Hitting the Fraser dam, big eddy, and Boone dam early or late in the day with a spinning rod and maybe the fly rod if the carp get really shallow wouldn't be absolutely out of the question though.

The Boone river is down to a fishable level, but possibly still too murky for carp to be a primary option, although if they get aggressive in the shallows you'll have a decent chance. This also looks to be the case for the North and South Raccoons, while I think conditions on the Middle Raccoon will be decent to good for carp. The south Skunk north of Ames also looks good.
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What's with our dry Springs and wet Falls?  

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I don't know. It's got to be tough on sight predators like smallmouth. As an anecdote, I picked only 2 morels this Spring, the worst morel season I've had, but the summer mushrooms are popping up in record numbers and ghost plant now seems as common as dandelions. Very strange.
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