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In the aftermath of this week's rains a mushroom foraging trip seemed more sensible than testing the rivers. I got a small haul of chanterelles and hedgehogs.

Lots of coral fungi and these blue-staining boletes around. I haven't learned either of their families yet, but anything that's red and yellow and turns blue wherever you touch it - probably has some fairly toxic chemistry going on.

Loads of ghost plant out there - usually it's a rare sight. It has no chlorophyll and parasitizes mycorhyzal fungi - I'm not sure if there's a connection, but many good-looking areas had no chanterelles and lots of ghost plant. I don't remember ever seeing so much of it.

Already seeing a couple of the l. Cincinnatus, white pored, chicken-of-the-woods. Since they come up from the roots there's more dirt and bits of debris trapped in the fronds, making them harder to clean than l. sulphureas. But I picked this one and got 3/4 of a gallon freezer bag + 1 serving boiled and then pan fried with a couple walleye fillets (more on that in a minute).

Leaving the woods I went to the point between Sandpiper boat ramp and the 415 bridge. Not much wind, but the speed boat traffic had a mud line stirred up. Bottom rigged a shad head and cast beyond the mud line hoping for a drum to add to my forager's dinner. Almost immediately something jerked the rod down and actually pulled it across the sand to the water's edge. "Catfish already?" I thought to myself, but reeled in a 20" walleye. I've heard of them taking cutbait before, but I think this is the first time I've actually seen it. Maybe the muddy conditions had something to do with it?

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Cool!  I saw a variety of fungi in the woods along the Skunk River on my last trip up there.  Figured you would know what they were, but I didn't stop to take any pictures.

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