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My ancient, well-traveled, and battle scarred Necky, Sky is back on the water after a successful repair.  It's a plastic kayak I bought used from Canoesport Outfitters in Indianola during the mid 90's.  After innumerable river miles, gravel drags, rocky scrapes, riffle dam bang-ups, and general abuse the tail end was worn very thin and split in a loop around the tail of the kayak.  I repaired it once with epoxy, but after another brutal year the repair began leaking.  When Canoesport Outfitters restored it back in the 90's, they installed a wall behind the seat and added foam, sealing off the rear storage compartment from the cockpit, so it floated even with this large crack, because only the rear storage compartment took on water.


Long ago I cut 2 holes behind the seat for rod holders and saved the cut-outs.  Recently I saw a video about welding plastic with a heat gun.  You heat a scrap piece of plastic until it's soft, but not bubbling, doing the same with the area to be repaired and the rest is like spreading jelly over peanut butter.   It was worn too thin to simply fill the crack, I had to fold and weld the 2 scrap pieces to the bottom so the repair is visible, but it held water and adds some much needed strength to the tail.  Good for a couple more decades!


Tested it at Banner (Summerset S.P.) bluegills are off the nests, but no sign of redear yet.

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