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Posted on January 19, 2018 at 1:35 PM

This is the experimental baitfish pattern I hope to use as a multispecies fly especially on the Mississippi river.  1/0 Octopus main hook, 15# NiTi wire to 1/0 fastsnap, forthcoming stinger hooks to include #4 octopus, #10 treble, circle and octopus circle hooks as well.  As you'll recall my hook point up flies tied on up eye streamer hooks and offset shank worm hooks - while nicely weedless and able to hook bass, didn't hold bowfin last year in Spring Lake.  So I've gone to hook point down with this new style mono weedguard. getting the width just right etc. has been a real process - this one is a bit messed up but I've got one drying now that's just what i want.  We'll see what happens this summer.

As you know, a hook point up fly will on rare occasions injure an eye of certain species like smallmouth.  It's rare and I know it's impossible to make a "100% safe" fly that still catches fish, but with our smallmouth populations still a bit tenuous I'd like an alternative to the hook point up crayfish patterns I've previously used.  These are built on #4, 2X long streamer hooks, crushed barbs, bent like a bendback, but with a dumbell on the underside so the shank rises upward, but the hook point is down.  The feathers on the bottom one are wiped with Goop adhesive so it has an ultra low surface area and sinks like a stone - not sure how it casts yet.  The Neer Hair version, sans claws, will probably sink slower but cast better.  A double mono weedguard comes out from the bend part of the shank.  Twisting of the dumbell is prevented by my usual internal mono keel.

The hi-tie style baitfish is nothing new, but I've typically used this method on pike flies for a large silhouette with the minimum amount of actual material.  These #4 hi-ties don't have as much of that side-glide action as larger versions, maybe tying on with a perfection loop would help?  The reduction in material might allow them to be cast with microskagit gear - I haven't tested it yet.  I've got strands of mylar gift shred again which are krinkly and wiggle a bit when pulled through the water creating a shimmering effect.  In the past, gift shred strands produced a distance robbing flap and had to be pulled out, now I've partially veiled them in yak hair.  We'll see what happens.

Nothing new about this low-surface area, jig hook Clouser with flash dubbing collar except I've mixed Wapsi Supreme hair with some glow-in-the-dark fibers for the tail.

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