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White River Heat 8 wt. review

Posted on December 4, 2017 at 1:15 PM
Flashback to Spring Lake last summer on the Mississippi near Savannah, Ill. The musclebound 8 wt. (the one with oversized spinning guides instead of snake guides for easier use with shooting heads) with which I cast the meaty, waterlogged Cermele Slopbuster in hopes of yanking a thrashing bowfin from the dreaded lotus jungle became broomstick useless when I found bowfin at very close range around that footbridge and had to scale the fly way down. Forced to windmill, the fly landed with a fish-scattering "splat". I though of my trusty, old, mahogany-handled 7 wt. back in the Jeep, the tip broke a few years ago and the repair stiffened it - going back for it wouldn't make a great difference, so I switched to the 5 wt. I'd brought along for bass and gar, knowing if I did get a solid hookset on a bowfin it would plow powerfully into the weeds and probably break off with little I could do to stop it. Turned out not to matter, I never got a solid hookset.

When Chad offered his 8 wt. White River (Bass Pro Shop) Heat with a size heavier line for sale, I was skeptical having criticized the 9 wt. model for being chunky and broomstickish at close range. (Granted in certain circumstances within a kayak a person could water load it, etc., and when properly loaded with a massive fly or heavy shooting head it is a very powerful rod which I'm keeping as a muskie rod.) But Chad sent a video which looked pretty good and to shorten the story it is much smoother at close range than the 9wt. while retaining plenty of run-stopping strength in the mid section. I think the difference comes down to the fact that both rods are the same length, so the heavier built 9 wt. doesn't transition as smoothly into the casting part of the tip as the 8 wt. And, though the 8 wt. is only 7'10" distance isn't much trouble, standing with legs apart and shifting my body from one leg to the other I cast the entire line - don't know exactly how long but long enough.

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