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I did not attend this....but would love to hear all about it from you guys that DID get to go.

Anybody win some good raffle prizes?  I would have loved to have been the new owner of the Hardy Zenith combo or Orvis Helios 2 combo!  

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I donated a couple hundred to the cause and maintained my perfect record of not winning anything. All of these efforts are to raise funds to support teaching and conservation issues so it is just a fun way to finance those efforts. I did win two big things however.  First, Dale Sanders showed me how to tie a McTage Leather Trouser Carp Fly. All the local rubber lips in the state are quaking in fear of the warm weather ahead.  Second, Bob Trevis released a new book on trout fishing in SE Minnesota. Looks very good. 

All in all it was a great meeting. Charlie Craven is an amazing fly tyer. He is the most thoughtful  tyer I have ever heard talk. Tom Rosenbauer was wonderfully entertaining. Chad gave a great talk on warm water fly fishing in the center of the state. All in all it was a fantastic weekend. Now it is time for warm weather.



If God had wanted us to fish with graphite why did He create bamboo and not carbon fibers?

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Sounds great, I should have gone - all that fresh air Saturday made me super sleepy when I got back to the house.

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It was a great show. Chad did a very good presentation of Friday. I went up to introduce myself at the end but he had a line of people waiting to talk to him so I left him to it. I hope to see him on the water sometime.

Rosenbaur was very good, he signed my book for me and was very nice.  Craven tied a killer BWO emerger pattern that I cant wait to try on our streams this spring. I didn't win any of the prizes but was able to pick up some tying materials at a good price and had a lot of fun.  

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I dropped in for a bit on Saturday. Listened to Rosenbauer's talk. He certainly has a way of putting things in perspective. He made me wonder if I'm making a lot of my nymphs too robust for spring creek fishing. The wife bought a tenkara rod, and is excited to use that.
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                   Something to keep in mind is that our streams or mostly spring fed but only a few of them act like true spring creeks. French creek and Spring branch at Manchester come to mind. The rest of streams fish more like a free stone river. Unless you are having trouble catching fish I wouldn't worry about it. I have been fishing North Bear, South Bear, Bloody run  and Waterloo since I was a kid and trust me, my ugly out of proportion flies catch fish. The streams that are farther south tend to fall into that nutrient deprived water category and you get away with using bigger attractor patterns as a general rule since your fishing to mostly stocked fish.


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Glad you guys enjoyed the presentation on Friday night. I had fun giving it. Wasn't able to stick around for the remainder of the show.

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Dale S.
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Chad you gave a great presentation with lots of information. I ended up tying several McTage's for people on Sunday.  I hope you got the stuff I dropped off at your office.



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Dale, yes I got the DVD. Thanks!

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