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After getting drenched with sweat and dirt while doing a project in my backyard last night, I decided to do some flyfishing right before dark.  Seemed like I hadn't been to my local ponds for quite a while, so I picked one and went.

Interesting folks out last night.  One angler was using one of those super-long panfish rods that don't have a reel (it was not a Tenkara rod).  He was using it to great effect to fish the far side of the algae mats.  He was catching fish regularly.  Another angler was using a buzzbait, and talking to himself, the fish, and random passersby.  Other crazy people!  :)

I had caught just one bluegill, when a fellow fly angler came down to chat.  Keith Wunder!  Yes, of Springbrook Wunder fame!   He had one tied on the end of his tippet.  I'd caught the bluegill on one, but had switched to something else once I'd seen signs of Grass Carp in the area.  I told him a chartreuse Springbrook Wunder is my favorite for panfish, and gold has been my best fly for stream trout so far this year. 

As we talked, I was casting but not catching.  I let the unweighted damselfly nymph slowly sink as I showed Keith the picture of the big Grass Carp I'd caught earlier this year.  Something grabbed my fly and ran off with it, but I missed the hookset.  Keith was disenchanted with the apparent lack of fish activity, so he left without making a single cast.  

It soon got dark, but I caught a nice Crappie (on a chartreuse Springbrook Wunder microjig), 3 more bluegills (on a yellow boa yarn leech), 1 smallish bass and lost another nice bass that both hit a Blockhead Popper.

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