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Christopher took a break from his website for part of last year, but he's back up and going strong again now.  Check out some of his great videos and pics from this year so far!

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He has a cool fly concept in those big bead chains - combining depth with rattle. However, I think the biggest keys to fishing are just like the keys to success in real estate: location, location, location. This guy has excellent drum populations available in his local waters, and he knows where to find fish in those waters. Thanks for sharing this, Dave.

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Absolutely.  The best fly in the world won't catch fish in the Dead Sea.  :)  

He's definitely got the "fish", "location" and "presentation" parts of the puzzle figured out.

The flies are similar in concept to Mark's drum flies....designed to make some noise on contact with the river bottom.

I really appreciate that Chris enjoys catching all the species.  How many of us have caught a drum and said, "THAT'S a beautiful fish!" ?   I have, but I don't always admit it.  :D

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Yes, I feel a keen location envy setting in, the thing about drum is their colors are caused by frequency interference not pigmentation and it's very difficult to capture them on film.  Does anyone know a trick for making their colors show up on film?


It's difficult to tell because of the camera distortion in that drum video, he says he's using a 16' fast sinking tip and a 6 ft. leader.  He's using the sinking line as a shooting head - retrieving all or most of the floating line past the rod tip.  Then he begins the backcast low and appears to do a continuous motion cast - where you start pulling back low, go around and over an imaginary pulley standing off your right shoulder, gradually accelerating until you cast the line forward. 

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